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See how Mosaic Loft is bringing the ancient art of mosaic into the home.

More Style…Less Cost…Mosaic Loft.

American Mosaic Company

Made in America

All Mosaic Loft Mosaics are designed and fabricated in a state-of-the art facility in the Seaport District of Boston Massachusetts.

American Mosaic Company

Robotic Technology

Mosaic Loft uses a precision robotic manufacturing system to assemble intricate mosaics at an affordable price. This robotic system was developed by ML’s parent company, Artaic – Innovative Mosaic.

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Mosaic Material

Quality Material

All of our mosaics are assembled from 3/8″ vitreous glass tile, allowing for intricate designs with rich color and an elegant finish. The versatile vitreous glass is easy to clean and can be used for most tile applications.

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Installation Guide

Ease of Installation

All Mosaic Loft Products install just like any other tile material. Each mosaic comes packaged in uniquely labeled square-foot sections with a corresponding installation guide.

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Tidal Repeating Mosaic Pattern and Border

Versatile Style

Mosaic Loft offers a range of mosaics that incorporate well-examined color palettes and imagery. From kitchen backsplashes and countertops, to shower stalls and outdoor patio walls, the versatile mosaic compositions can be integrated into a wide range of environments and surfaces.

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Arcadian Flight Refreshed

Exclusive Designs

Mosaic Loft carefully blends the functionality of tile with the beauty and style of fine art. All Mosaic Loft designs are created by an in-house team of artists and designers creating unique works available only through Mosaic Loft.

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