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Bloom Summer

Bring the calming beauty of spring into your home year-round with this floral design. Wrap the Bloom border around a shower stall or along a kitchen backsplash for a lasting garland of fresh flowers.

The border is a derivative of a Mosaic Loft repeating pattern. When used together, the two create a fully integrated and highly stylized environment.

Bloom Summer, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Product Details

Tile Type: Vitreous Glass
Tile Size: 0.375 In.
Thickness: 0.156 In.
Grout Width: 0.0322 In.
Assembled Width: 117.5 In.
Assembled Height: 3.0 In.
Total Coverage: 2.45 Square Feet
Case Weight: 3.33 Pounds
Applications: Residential/Commercial Walls, Ceilings, Backsplashes, Countertops