1. Can you think of any reason why I could not cover the inside of a ceramic bathtub with mosaics, the only problem I can see is how and where to end the pattern smoothly. i.e. if only the bottom is done, how to transition so there is a smooth continuation. Same if it is taken all the way up to the edge of the bathtub, how to end so there is no ledge where the mosaics end.
    thank you,
    Helene Fagan

  2. Hello Helene,
    Thanks for your interest in our mosaics. You can install mosaics on the inside of a ceramic bathtub – though if the tub has rounded edges, it would take a rather skilled tile installer. There are many techniques that can be used to finish the edge – You can find edge finishing instructions here:

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From contemporary design to traditional ornamentation, Mosaic Loft pendants will integrate seamlessly into any home to add style and impact. Dragonfly is an invigorating graphic tile element that uplifts both the style and the spirits of your home.

Product Details

Tile Type: Vitreous Glass
Tile Size: 0.375 In.
Thickness: 0.156 In.
Grout Width: 0.0322 In.
Assembled Width: 23.5 In.
Assembled Height: 23.5 In.
Total Coverage: 3.84 Square Feet
Case Weight: 5.22 Pounds
Applications: Residential/Commercial Walls, Ceilings, Backsplashes, Countertops